Don’t like being sick :(

So the husband and I were sick over the weekend..yeah, what fun. Not really!!

I’ve missed two classes that are vital & important to my education. I feel like hurt all over. šŸ™

The husband is feeling better, about 90% up & running compared to me. I’ve just gotten sick. My throat is hurting like crazy. šŸ™ Sorry about the short post but I have homework to finish before tomorrow & I’m not up to being awake much more. I want sleep.

Wasn’t able to get appointment to clinic cause they were full. :/ they had an opening tomorrow morning but I need to head back for my morning class.

*cough* Bye !

I’m out for the day. Darn being sick. šŸ™


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3 Replies to “Don’t like being sick :(”

  1. Start working on Tylenol/Dayquil and water! I got sick a couple of weeks ago and it was just like this, but the acetaminophen and h20 kicked it in about a week. Good luck!

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