Dear Biology..I dislike you so much right now

If it wasn’t for you, I would have had the last half of this semester pretty smooth sailing but unfortunately no. 🙁 Not so much luck in that. I have to do three quizzes in a week plus work 20 hours and read/do homework for my other two classes plus all the other commitments I have going on…why couldn’t this be easier!!?? 🙁

Boo. But at least I am spending time with friends and somewhat getting the hang of driving in the windy backroads of post..which is kinda intimidating.

I don’t have pictures up but soon I should get pictures of this awesome weather. 🙂

I have way too much stuff going on right now so please bear with me. I do not think I will be an FRG key caller after this week which is a bit unfortunately but I have two commitments (PWOC Publicity & Children’s Ministry volunteer) that I would prefer to devote my time to now. Calling people for my job kinda makes it hard to call people just to call them; it’s way too much calling for me now. 🙁 Sorry FRG! But this Texas lady needs a break from all the calling in her life… 😐

Hope ya’ll are having a great week! 🙂

Post more soon once I figure out if pre-registration for PWOCI is open or not. 🙂


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