It’s Friday! & I am seeking..

a few guest bloggers if anyone is interested. I’ll be on R&R in a few days and if someone(s) would be interested in being a guest blogger and post a blog once per the next two weeks, I would be delighted to read your work! If you are interested, my contact information is under ‘Contact Me’ There are a lot of amazing bloggers out there,especially male military spouses,believe it or not. I follow a few of them and I’m learning some things that are interesting from their perspective. On another note..what has kept me away for a while is that it is finals week for me right now. Biology is kickin’ my rear unfortunately. Today is the last day to turn in my work plus the day before I fly out so I’m going a bit “crazy” with everything going on. I hope ya’ll have an amazing Friday!


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  1. I’d offer to write for you, but I’m not sure what I would write… My blog is a lot different from most out there. I hope finals go well for you! And I’m so excited for you guys. Give your hubby a huge hug for me!!!

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