Double post!

Getting up at 0417 is good. 🙂 I get so much done in those few hours and enjoy eating a very early breakfast with M too. 🙂 M had to head out before 0600 for a meeting and his briefing. :/

So far, I’ve cleaned up my e-mail, read for class, enjoyed a cup of coffee and figured out when we need to take L to the vet. 🙂 All while our house is still cold and watching TV from Mexico. 😉 Oh, that is one of the benefits of living in this area besides being able to see my Uncle P and Aunt R and my cousins K & S & A more frequently. 🙂 I have been posting on Facebook that I’m a “PowerPoint ninja” too. 😛

L is being a comedian today which is good as she woke up when we did…which is okay. She took a nap on our bed while I was drinking coffee and watching the morning news. 🙂

I got rid of Netflix temporarily as I don’t need the distraction. I haven’t been on Pinterest either. 🙂

So two more weeks till this sub-term is over and my “spring break” starts for a week then my last class for the spring semester starts after that! R&R hopefully for a week in M’s home state depending on the Lt. who can’t make up her mind as to whether she will let him take leave or not. :/

Crazy people but whatever. Good day and God is amazing on the Bible study I’m doing on the book of James. So much interesting things to discuss and think about. 🙂

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