How funny

M & I have been looking for a gift that he gave me for Christmas. We thought we had left it behind in the C area when we went for emergency leave. Thankfully, that was not the case!

I found it a few minutes ago in an area of our bedroom that we didn’t really look in. Lol. Yay, after turning our room upside down, I find it in a drawer. That works for me though, means we don’t have to re-purchase it. 🙂 M said that his new video game is his b-day present but I can make him a birthday cake this year. 🙂 Last year, we didn’t do anything for his b-day because he had surgery but we had a barbecue get together with our neighbors & his co-workers later on in the summer as his b-day/farewell party for most of us there since we & some of his co-workers were PCSing within a few months. Oh how we miss our neighbors dearly. 🙁 We don’t know our neighbors here at all but we are involved in our church small group, interesting people.

I’ve been busy these past few days writing a paper, being a “PowerPoint ninja” for the Army a.k.a. proofreading M’s briefing. 😛 Also proofing our tax return thanks to my FIL. 😀 Hello tax return whenever the IRS releases it and good-bye tax return as you will be paying bills. 🙁 I had a job offer recently but they decided not to hire me so that was a big bummer. 🙁 But I’m still looking and looking. We found out that M’s FFD is getting pushed through and the MB should start soon after that. We’ll be here until the fall at least until we figure out what jobs are available for M wherever we decide to move to if we do move.

We also need to talk to the AF recruiter in August after I finish my internship & M and I need to decide whether I’ll go AD or go Reserves. I start my master’s in the fall too as a fallback just in case. 🙂

So many things going on but the weather is being unique again. 😉 It was warm yesterday but it is cold today. 🙁 It’s cold in the morning but it warms up really quick. 🙂

Hopefully it feels like spring soon!!

Have a great day!

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