Sneaky M, sneaky

I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend & remembering those lost, who have served or serving this Memorial Day.M & I are celebrating our three year anniversary this week but we will both be “working” late. He will be at work & I’ll be at my internship so we won’t be able to go to dinner. So what does M do beforehand?

Surprises me with flowers yesterday afternoon that were delivered to our house & makes reservations for dinner during lunch at work last week for tonight. I have a sneaky husband. We’re on our way to get ice cream for lunch (shocker) as it was his idea and our reservation is in a few hours anyway.

We’re hoping we can have lunch together on post on our anniversary but it’s pending our schedules.

So far, I’m enjoying my internship. I have my physical therapy evaluation on Tuesday morning for my back and praying I can start it soon, I really need it asap. I have three classes this summer (English, last psychology class, and internship) which are going well so far. I’m also halfway through my pharmacy tech program which is great so I can sit for the PTCB exam soon. 🙂 I also still volunteer with the FRG and WoF so I have a huge plate of busy bee right now.

I take the GRE in the fall and am taking a class or two as well to increase my GPA for grad school. I’m looking at A&M, MUSC, and VCU’s program for MPH which I hope I get into one of those ; my first pick is A&M of course. 😉 My second would be MUSC cause it’s well known.

That’s why I have been away for awhile. And, yes I did deactivate my Facebook because I don’t need any distractions right now. I only activate to send a message to my cousin or aunt in my parents’ home country. 🙂

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