Your Best Military Wife Moment (Wives of Faith Blog Carnival 2012)

How to describe my best military wife moment…

Hmm…I think it would have to be last spring when I only had a few weeks notice that M was coming back early because of medical reasons and we had to coordinate with friends to help us with grabbing his gear,etc. and after his surgery since he was loopy from the meds. 😉 Overall, it showed that the Army does have a brain and can sorta coordinate things to be done swiftly.  I know M appreciated me helping him get better even if he didn’t remember half the conversations because of the medicine that they gave him.

Anyway, the best moment as a military wife would have to be being surprised that M was coming back early and being able to have food in the house for the next three months courtesy of my crazy grocery shopping with my family a few weekends before which was suppose to be mainly for me and sending M more care packages. God works in crazy ways sometimes but it all worked out in the end.  M was able to heal properly from his surgery and we were able to sorta enjoy the last few months at our old duty station in the midst of the Army’s go-no go tug of war with our orders.

Of course you don’t have to just read my best military wife moment, you can view others at Wives of Faith.

I know mine sounds pitiful so you can skip it if you want and go hop on someone else’s blog and read their exciting time! 😉


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