Hello Fall!!

I’ve been off for a bit cause I had a little “incident” last week…not fun at all.

As I’m watching the Chicago Bears play the Dallas Cowboys (GO BEARS!!), I was thinking of how great the weather is turning. Cooler nights and early mornings to go walking/running and just spending quiet time with God. 🙂

Can you see that I miss cold weather? I love the snow!! (Yes, LOVE!) I really miss living in the East Coast just for that reason and the wonderful moments I had there. 🙂

 I can officially say I’m a college graduate since I received my diploma in the mail (WHOOP!!) and am still applying to grad schools. Fingers crossed I can relocate to the East Coast or back to C-Stat.

This past weekend, I made about five or six bags of freezer to crockpot meals and it came out great. No real clean up thanks to the Reynold’s Slow Cooker liner bags and leftovers for dinner tonight plus a side of veggies. I’m in love.

My little “incident”: Rum bottles on the top of the refrigerator are not a good idea especially when the bottle falls and hits your head as you open the refrigerator door. Especially when you move out of the way before it breaks on the kitchen floor instead of your head. Scary minute and thankful to God, I’m okay.

I’m reading some books to review on here shortly and try to figure out how to “clean up” my blog or maybe transition to WordPress. Unfortunately, my host doesn’t have a WP program for my subscription so it’s something I can do more research before (or not) making the dive to WordPress.

Happy Monday and hopefully the Bears beat the Cowboys!!

**& GO TEXANS!! GREAT GAME YESTERDAY!! FYI, I am a native Texan but am NOT a Cowboys fan**

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