What I learned from a play-Part 1

Over the weekend I was able to enjoy a play surrounding the persona of Sherlock Holmes. I won’t go into depth on the synopsis of the play but I will say that a quote from the script caught my attention.

“Eve was the missing link between Adam and God.”

It made me think about how Eve is not observed compared to Ruth or Esther in Scripture or sermons. It is hard to though; since she is not known except for the book of Genesis. It kind of makes me wish that she was “shown” more.

She had a role in the changing of her destiny. The same way we have a role in the change of our lives as well.  God gives us free will but he also gave us the missing link between Him and us: Jesus Christ.

The same way wives are companions to their husbands, Christ is a companion to each of us.

It really comes down to whether we want Him to be our companion.  Our confidant in the small things.

Look for part two of this small series of blog posts.

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