2013 PWOC retreat

PWOC retreat This is the view that I was able to see this past weekend.

It was amazing!


Our installation PWOC was able to go to a beautiful conference center in the mountains with no cell phone service.  I was able to enjoy God’s creation and the way the retreat was set up was wonderful.

I was able to connect with many women that I had never really talked to and was surprised to see one woman that I had only meet once a few months ago.  We were both wondering how we knew each other until we realized that we had meet before (and only recognized the other’s face but not the name).

Just feeling God’s peace in my life and using the retreat guide to understand more of Ruth’s purpose in moving with Naomi and following God in all things was so right for me.

I wish I could type everything that I experienced over the weekend but I can’t.  All I can say is that I have a small cold (it was snowing/windy up there) but it was worth it.  Worth being closer to God than ever before, worthy in knowing that God knows I’m worthy of Him.  Peaceful in that God has the direction of my life set, even if I doubt it at times.

If you have the chance to attend a PWOC retreat or any retreat this spring, please do! Know that God will use that for His spirit to move within you and those within your group.

Have  a wonderful Tuesday!


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