Beauty in the midst of loss

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

We are having wonderful weather where we are visiting family.  In the midst of the loss of a family pet, we can see the beauty of life around us.

I know many people don’t react the same way when losing a family pet compared to a person but this family pet was important to M’s family, even in his own quirky way.

Even with sadness, the family pet lived a long, fulfilled life and made us smile.  He enjoyed living in the place he did and he enjoyed having other pets around to make his remaining time on this earth bearable.

This is the amazing weather in the area that I'm in at the moment
This is the amazing weather in the area that I’m in at the moment

On another note on what our life is right now, AZ is beautiful in terms of the weather today.  The drive was not horrible and it was not as cold as previous trips here have been.

I do not miss seeing 23 degrees in the morning for these days we will be here visiting.  The weather this morning was 45 when I woke up at 0750.  It was not chilly, just breezy and it was enjoyable.


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