Summer reading

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This will not be an indepth review but since I’m on summer break. I just wanted to share a book I’ve been reading lately. It is one of several books on my Kindle that I would love to share with as a review of sorts.

Not to skim through the book but it is a book that makes you realize that you can’t be a “do it all” person all the time.

Sara covers how she grew spiritually through this whole process. In doing so, she realized that she could encourage others in what she learned.

Being a wife myself, I know that not everything can be completed and I know my relationship with God has to come first above all else. Knowing that the biblical pProverbs 31 wife is ideal, we sometimes fall short. Falling short sometimes helps us be better persons in our relationships and daily life. God won’t write a mark against us if we fail to be the ideal person in life; neither should we do it to ourselved

*I was not compensated for this review in any way. I just haven’t been able to get to posting it until this week.

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