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Even though last month was PTSD awareness month, I still want to take the time to raise awareness.

M has dealt with this disorder since his last deployment and it is so hard to deal with at times.

I’ve wanted to just grab him and shake him to his senses but that wouldn’t cure anything.  I just have to deal with this head on.

If you know someone that has PTSD, don’t assume that they will just become their old self after awhile.  They may be dealing with a lot and putting expectations on them is not helping them deal and cope with PTSD.

There is a great list of what NOT to tell someone with PTSD from Band Back Together that details some things that M has made clear he doesn’t like to hear (from myself or anyone else..).

Thankfully the Army has AWC (Army Wellness Centers) that offers biofeedback along with other therapeutic services.

M will be taking advantage of some of the services later this week since he has a few days off and would definitely need some of the stress management.

For more information on PTSD and how you can help or get help, visit the National Center for PTSD and AboutFace.



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