Conversations with L

Sorta like L especially the eyes but the fur color is different
Sorta like L especially the eyes but the fur color is different

I think I have talked about L before..if not, here is the recap:

L is a beautiful (almost) three year old husky mix who is just plain crazy hyper (in the same sentence). 🙂  She makes sure you pay attention to her even when you are asleep….(insert “Every Breath You Take” by the Police..).

Or better yet…the music video….

A small snippet of the conversation I had with L yesterday..

Me: L, get down.

L: grunt, yawn.  (rolls over and ignores me..)

Me (while on the computer..): I’ll be right there.

L: bark, bark, howl (while pushing my elbow away from the keyboard with her nose..).

Me: (petting and playing with her..)

L: (nudging with the nose continues while I fall backwards..and proceed to get kisses on my face by her)

L: (walks away while giving me kisses and falls asleep on the stairs…)

Me: Really L?

I need more human interaction…but I do give L lots of attention since I’m home most of the day now (for those wondering if we give her attention..).

M calls her an attention doggy…she loves you forever if you indulge her ..especially if you let her make you her personal human pillow while using her sharp elbows (while you are sleeping of course..).

*I may or may not make this into a idea right now..*

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