Netflix, the go-to picker upper

I was thinking of A Girl yesterday evening as she was discussing some things on her Facebook page earlier in the evening.  She had brought up some shows she had in her Netflix queue Netflix: Live Free or Die Hard I think everyone has a thing they do to make themselves feel better when they are sick,etc.

I love reading but I enjoy finding new shows to watch or rewatch on Netflix.  I think that is my go-to picker upper on sick days or cloudy days with a bowl of ice cream.

I have never been a fan of Breaking Bad until a few weeks ago when I watched the new episode (after the break in season) with my friend H and my husband.  It was an interesting episode but since we haven’t seen the episodes before or previous seasons, we have Breaking Bad on queue.

M has also taken an avid interest in the show Walking Dead but I just can’t make myself get invested in a show like that.

What is your go-to show on Netflix or your go-to picker upper when you aren’t feeling well?


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