The most random things you find at Dollar Tree..


So M went to get his haircut yesterday and while waiting, I went to the nearby Dollar Tree.

I will say that I end up buying things when I’m there. I love Dollar Tree .

Anyway, I found krackel by Hershey’s there.  I have never heard of krackel and when M found out, he explained the diferences from other candy bars.

I think it’s just a random candy , the same way Mr. Goodbar is a random candy.  Both are no longer displayed in the checkout line or does it vary where you live?

Now I’m curious on that…

No in-depth post from me this week since we just completed our final move and are still trying to adjust.  Mainly in the realms of unpacking, moving furniture, etc.

Have a great Wednesday though even with the chaos. 🙂

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