Transition recap

Since M and I made the transition from active duty to now civilian life, it has not been “a walk in the park”.

From budgeting for the move to still unpacking, it has been a stressful process.


We had to budget just in case we went over our alloted weight limit and it is hard to find space when you are merging two households. Which is why we rented storage space to put things that wouldn’t fit, no matter how hard we tried. It also helped us budget M’s pay while on terminal leave enabling us to stretch it until both of us were offered employment. In the process, we could try to revive our savings to help us during the transition process.

We had been meal planning for a while before we moved but decided to continue once our final move was complete. It would help us to continue budgeting and not purchase so many duplicate/triple items every week. I can also incorporate so many delicious slow cooker recipes too.

Overall, the transition process has had some hurdles but has been better than expected. We have made wonderful friends here while keeping in touch with friends everywhere (and I mean everwhere).

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