In His Time and Place..


Lately, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things during this transition.

I’ve been thinking about where my path has gone in the past four years…

I went from a college student pursuing an Army commission while in the process of enlisting in the National Guard to a now “seasoned” veteran’s wife. That is a huge jump right there!! 🙂

When M and I meet, we came to a mutual decision that our marriage wouldn’t work so well if I was commissioned in the same field as him…the field is non-important to this conversation. 😉

God put me in a time and place to be an encourager even though sometimes I didn’t feel like being an encourager…He sure showed M how wonderful it was to be an encourager though.

He also showed me that sometimes our plans are not His plans. After trying to enlist in the Air Force, He closed that door permanently but He has stirred in my heart to pursue the field that I had originally wanted to enter…

It will be a hard transition but it may take a few years to go into it. Grad school doesn’t pay for itself after all…I wish it did though! 😉

I guess God just wanted me to remember that In His time and place, he will make sure we know what He has in store for us. 🙂

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