{Series} Thoughts for Lent, Week One


Since Lent is upon many of us, I thought I would share some thoughts during the upcoming weeks until Pascha (as M calls Easter).  My inspiration came from a really interesting article a friend posted onto Facebook called Right and Wrong Reasons for Giving up Something for Lent.

Since today is Ash Wednesday, which for many believers is the beginning of Lent (Lent began on Monday for the Eastern Orthodox Church) , I thought it would be a good day to start this series.

I won’t be fasting for Lent since I am not able to for medical reasons but am putting my thoughts for this season here, in my personal space on the web.

Throughout the beginning of 2014, I have sought to stay focused on God and really have a time to spend reading Scripture.  So far, it has been a wonderful experience to see where God is leading me in my faith.  For the next few weeks, M and I are observing Lent in our own way as a couple but individually as well.

One of the points that has encouraged me during this first week of Lent is part of the verse quoted:

“We’ve already committed ourselves..”

As believers, we have committed ourselves in knowing Christ as our Savior..and for many, we have committed ourselves to seeking God during this season in our lives; this period of the year called Lent.  I personally love how the article gives reasons which are right and wrong for giving up something during Lent.

Sometimes we commit ourselves to something for the wrong reasons and God calls us out on it.

My reason for taking part in Lent is to stay focused on who God is and what He is trying to show me during this season.  My way of staying focused may not make sense for some but it is how I know I have committed myself to Who I can turn to

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