Happy Spring!! (Hopefully with the sun out)

It has been a few months since I posted. Life has been chaotic and at a few times, very very stressful.  M and I are going through many life changes & it is hard to balance a few things out.  He started his new job while going to school full time so that was a big adjustment for both of us.  I have been getting more hours at work so I have had limited time to even read a book for leisure versus studying from it.

Our weather here has been interesting.  It rained yesterday until mid-afternoon then the sun came out.  Yet it is suppose to rain again today which will not be very fun. 

I have a few posts to catch up on , mainly belated Valentine’s Day recaps and trips we have taken to celebrate some great milestones with friends.

Hoping to get a better time management system in place in order to blog while not letting work projects slide either.

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