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This blog was started in 2009 while in the midst of a deployment.  I was across the country in a new area and in love with a guy who was across the world at the time.

The blog has changed names but I still write about daily life, the craziness that M and I are currently enduring and the faith that keeps us grounded.

What I write about:

  • Daily life including: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • The silliness that I have come to enjoy in life from those around me
  • My attempt at sarcasm (yes, even after four years I still don’t grasp it at times..)
  • My faith (though not as deep as other blogs out there..)
  • PTSD as it is a part of my life..not the depressing statistics but the learning points that I’ve somehow managed to grasp
  • Random topics that come to mind on any day

What I don’t write about:

  • politics in general, including debates
  • comparing myself to others (even though I do wonder in regards to different things in other branch services..)
  • Marriage “101” as every marriage is different.  What may work for my marriage may not work for others and circumstances/situations may be different.
  • An abundance of resources…even though I list resources, my focus is not being a blog based on resources
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