Merry Christmas ! :)

From our family to yours, have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year wherever you are! 🙂

On a great note from me, finals are over, I passed all my classes and I’m on R&R!! 🙂

So from the southwestern state that I’m in right now, enjoy family and friends this year. I will be having a guest blogger who does amazing pictures every day of the year so hopefully you can look forward to that real soon. 🙂


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Grown up Christmas List

So this blog post topic is courtesy of Wives of Faith

So my grown up Christmas list is as follows:

1) my husband can come home from the sandbox already and not have to go back. The same for everyone else’s husband/wife.
2) we can move (back) to San Antonio and stay there for a LONG time
3) I can continue to meet amazing women from PWOC like I did at International conference and vice versa.
4) that more ministries like Military Ministry rise up to help military families.
5) that God continues to bless and keep all of us that are reading this. That may His presence overtake our lives.
6) that I may continue to be a blessing to others.
7) that I can continue to bless my family and the situations that we have had to endure.
8) may peace reign in this world one day while honoring who deserves honor.
9) that spouses from all generations can teach each other how to live in this lifestyle; I learned something amazing from a widow in our PWOC group so if I encounter that, so can many more wives.
10) Fill in the blank wish that you want for yourself.
11) My hope and desire is ______________. (fill in the blank).

Have a great Thursday!


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Blog Carnival Day 2

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my amazing husband and my extended family. Plus tamales and Breakaway’s Live CD!!

I say that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my amazing husband because he has been able to come home for R&R (now being the 2nd time) for Christmas. It’s a blessing to be able to spend that special day with him in remembering our Savior. And I say with extended family because Skype is amazing during the holidays as well as Windows Live Messenger. Tamales are a tradition in my family to eat during the holidays and I get to listen to Breakaway Ministry‘s new CD. There is no greater thing in remembering the birth of our Savior without family, good food, and good worship all in one area.

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