The beginning of our MEB/IDES process

I wanted to give you all a glimpse of how our MEB process began.  This is just part one of several posts regarding the MEB/IDES process.  Keep in mind that the process may differ from service to service.

Words used in the MEB/PEB process
Words used in the MEB/PEB process

I know many people are not familiar with the MEB (Medical Evaluation Board) process.  We weren’t familiar with the process until early this past summer when M began his process for his MEB.

I am still not familiar with the whole process.  In our case, it was quicker since M’s PCMs (Primary Care Manager) had already tried everything they could medically to help him.  It consisted of various tests, and last-minute treatments for him.

To begin the MEB process (from what I was told), the service member has to show that last-minute treatments were given before they were no longer fit for duty.  Since they had already completed the last-minute treatments, the MEB process began much quicker for M.

M has been diagnosed with a herniated disc (L5-S1) on his spine along with mild scoliosis, which is an immediate unfit for duty within our respective branch of service.  He also has bilateral shoulder issues (I don’t quite remember the medical terms for it right now).  That is what began our MEB process.  In M’s case, he is not an ideal candidate for back and shoulder surgery.  His orthopedic PCM would not consent to performing back surgery on him in order to fix his spine as it is a very dangerous procedure (nerve ends,etc.).

We first went to a MEB/IDES initial briefing for service members and they encouraged spouses to attend as well.  The MEB process used to just consist of the Army disability rating, then the VA disability rating after the service member left the service but they recently combined it to ease the process along.  That is why it is now referred to as IDES (Integrated Disability Evaluation System).

The Army and the VA both give their ratings during this very long process for the service member and their family (if applicable).  It is full of unknowns and a very crazy appointment schedule.


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2012 in one blog post..

I hope I can just make it to one blog post. 

We’ll be heading on leave until 2013 so just a summary of what 2012 has been for me…

2012 has been filled with heartache, uncertainty, and accomplishments all into one. 

M’s grandmother passing away in early 2012 was unimaginable and a situation I didn’t want to see myself in again for the 2nd time (meeting extended family at a funeral).  I never meet his grandmother but only talked to her a few times on the phone and she was enjoyable to speak to. 

Recently, M’s mother passed away so that was a major heartbreak since it was a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  As we near Christmas, we will not be in AZ on purpose in order to heal with great friends at Ft. Hood.  Again, I meet people I had never known before at the memorial service who were military mothers or spouses who volunteered with M’s mother in sending care packages overseas.  

Uncertainty because of certain situations that I won’t go into but I have had two amazing sisters in Christ who helped me through them and gave me advice and let me decide on what to do in the long run.  They didn’t judge me or try to tell me what was right or wrong “according to others”.  They knew that “according to others” would not work in those cases and as Christians, they were there to be the “Generation to Generation” to me.  They didn’t pressure but were open to listening and I thank God for PWOC in my life in those moments and for my spirit. 

Accomplishments in that I received my bachelor’s degree and hopefully get a job soon once certain things are set in stone.  Another accomplishment in that I start grad school soon (!) and will enjoy every minute of it.  I have finished my pharmacy technician program and just have to sit for the national exam to become certified.

Overall, God has blessed me with wisdom and grace along with “family” who has the best in mind for me.  I will be going to DC in early January or February (or maybe March?) since I have an unused ticket that would work for a round trip and more…so another trip will be planned once I figure out where. 🙂

Well, hope everyone has a great weekend ahead.  Please keep those families in CT in your prayers.

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You know it’s Christmas ..

Design elements from
Design elements from

when you are eating tamales for lunch! 🙂

I will only be able to spend one day with my family but we will be eating the traditional Mexican feast of tamales, posole and some other stuff I don’t know right now. 🙂 I may try champurrado but I don’t think I’ll like it.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll have a great week leading to Christmas!

But I am happy I bought all my Christmas gifts early. 🙂 They are wrapped and ready to be given out to friends and family.


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Dear UPS

Please do not leave my packages with our neighbors.  It is strange and you have never done it before.  We don’t know our neighbors and they don’t know us so they don’t appreciate having strange packages left at their front door.

Also, you can leave it at our front door.  It is not a big problem for us and the USPS does it all the time.

The woman that had to go three times to the neighbors before she finally got her packages…and it was cold outside!

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