Deep breath…and life

I will be honest and say life is crazy.  I tried yoga over the summer and loved it!

It has really helped me relax but alas, work started again so I haven’t set up my routine for the day yet.

So deep breath and exhale; life is one day at a time.

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Decisions, decisions

are so hard to make…especially on things that are still uncertain! Won’t know anything about a big decision until the end of the month. M & I are discussing & looking at alot of different angles on this decision. It’s hard when two angles are wanted.

We had a semi-hard time with the family emergency recently.Traveling & long layovers are not pleasant when you have been up for so many hours beforehand. M & his family were at peace with what happened because it was expected; God gave everyone a great peace about it. It was a pleasant trip as well since we saw the “beauty in the ashes”, so to speak.

We like this duty station alot since we have an airport in the same city that we are currently living in. We are also driving distance from our previous duty station which is where we are heading this weekend! It’ll be great to see friends. 🙂

M & I are both doing homework ahead of time since we won’t have much time next week with his friend Z coming in & the meetings we (separate & together) have going on in the evenings.

Chaos is everywhere but there is beauty in the midst.

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