So many movie choices..

Have ya’ll seen the new movies coming out? Great selection of literature turning into movies.

I’m excited.  I want to see some of these new movies.  Anna Karenina was a great book to read and the older version was great but this updated version looks remarkable as well.

It reminds me of other great Russian literature such as Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment.  If you enjoy psychology and crime thrillers, that is a book to read.  I wrote my last senior essay in high school on Crime and Punishment which surprised my English teacher (who was an English professor at St. T for the summer school).  I kept that paper to remember the notes he wrote about what I could have done better, especially since Crime and Punishment is a hard novel to analyze.

I wish I had been an English minor or even a major in college but psychology drew my interest for what my career focused self was looking at.  Oh, well.  I will probably be taking classes through LSCC in English along with accounting or something like that to improve my GPA and apply for graduate school.

Anyway, I will hopefully be enjoying my weekend listening to the youth orchestra perform on base tomorrow plus church (maybe?) on Sunday.

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