Exams,more exams and training school

The husband has departed for training school until next month.

I have two weeks full of exams coming up. I haven’t studied (procrastinate alot). šŸ™

I have reading to catch up on and thankfully the husband is training so I can fully concentrate although he does help me a bit on my homework. Our post is having a family event today and the weather doesn’t seem like it’s cooperating according to a friend of mine. It seems to be cooperating very much here in College town. They had to move the festivities indoor which was a bummer and I feel bad for everyone inside the gym.

I don’t know why but I’m missing the husband alot right now even though he’s two hours and thirty minutes away from me. šŸ™

I will be posting some more pictures of the 9/11 tribute shortly.

Can I ask a favor? Could you leave a comment concerning how my background looks on your computer screen. It looks pretty good on mine but I want to know what size to make the center for it to look fine on all computer screens.

Thanks for the help.

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