Exercise, exercise..

I’ve been terrible at exercising. I have fallen in love with pilates and yoga but I packed my DVDs in storage by accident. šŸ™

I’m a little under the weather so I haven’t taken L to walk outside much as it is starting to get cold more during the day. She has been running up and down the stairs chasing her tennis ball (now thrown away due to caved in core; bitten into). She also doesn’t like being chased by a blanket. She has learned how to howl (had never done that before..ever according to Mrs. D at the shelter). She does “talk” a lot though which is funny and random at times.

I have been looking at Ā CoreBody Reformer Ā but I can’t bring myself to spend around $250 on what looks to be a good machine, according to reviews. I could use $250 to pay for classes at the community college.

Oh well. I will definitely try to find those DVDs or find something on youtube in the mean time while we wait on the new paperwork to be reviewed by HRC.

Life in limbo is not fun. šŸ™

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