The things that give you the most encouragement make your day brighter! :)

I woke up this morning after feeling bad all night 🙁 But thankfully I’m okay now.

I found a great paraphrase of Proverbs 31 concerning being a military wife. It’s from the website of the Officers’ Christian Fellowship, which has great articles to read and that paraphrase just stuck with me. It reminded me of something my other half told me one morning, he was thankful for me because I’m his helper. Those words made me so glad because I was helping him and that week was a week of unpacking and getting things in order!

I decided to read Proverbs 31 and let me tell you, that is one of the best Proverbs I have read!! I remember getting my mom a Mother’s Day gift and it had one of the verses from Proverbs 31, it was a random thing I purchased at our church bookstore but I know it was going to make my mom happy 🙂

In all, I’m proud to be married to the man that I’m married to because he is a great person and is able to encourage me when I need the encouragement and I’m very blessed to have been there for him while he was deployed, God really helped me be strength for him when he was gone.

It reminded me of something that Cru and several of the college ministries of Campus Crusade do: conversational prayer. If you’ve never done this, you should, not only cause it’s fun but you hear prayers that reflect your own sometimes and then God works.


This is an example taken from the Campus Crusade website:

Monologues have no part in this type of prayer. One person brings up a subject, and others contribute.

For conversational prayer to really work, the people praying should all be acquainted with each other-they need not be dear friends, but it helps to at least have met others in the group.

For example:
Adam: We love you, Lord. Thank You for being here.

Barbara: Yes, Father. We praise Your name.

Christy: Thank You for friendships.

Dan: Jesus, I especially thank You for my friendship with Josh. I pray that he comes to know You personally, and soon.

Adam: I agree, Lord. I ask that You will use me and Dan in Josh’s life in any way You see fit to bring You glory.

Elizabeth: Lord God, I confess that lately I’ve been ashamed to tell my unbelieving friends about You.

Christy: Jesus, assure Elizabeth of Your forgiveness.

Dan: Extend Your grace to her, and use her in a mighty way. Remind her daily of Your love.


One of the things I picked up when the group I was in did this was how one of the guys praying said, “Thank you for the bear hugs.” Sometimes I forget that, I thank God for the bear hugs and they may not be literal hugs from Him but there are those bear hugs from my husband who God uses so much to give me those much needed bear hugs. I also think that God’s bear hugs for me is the sunrise, cause it’s as if His arms are surrounding me in that glorious view of a sunrise. It brings so much peace and hope for my life. It’s just amazing.

Well, that’s my encouragement for the day,hopefully not just for myself!



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