The things you hear at 2000

..such as the ice cream truck that looks like a school bus passing by in the night..playing El Chavo Del Ocho theme song on high volume.  They got in trouble with the cops and lowered the volume but it was just weird to begin with.  It’s cold in December and this is the only place that I have seen the ice cream truck pass by in the winter.

Also, El Chavo Del Ocho is something I grew up watching in Mexico with my grandparents.  It was the show to watch when my parents were younger which tells you how long the show has been on the air (it airs on Telefutura in the States in the evenings).  It is great comedy, even with the long years.

I love December. Tamales, Christmas Eve Mass depending on who we attend with, and Christmas Day festivities.

This year, we will be in our old duty station area so we may or may not attend Mass in the Capital area.  It will be a first if we do, since M and I don’t like going into ATX much.  We are not sure yet.  We are heading to see my family for a day (day trip) so that will be good for us.  M and his dad will be seeing his uncle and aunt so that will be a great comfort to M’s dad.  First year not being in AZ will help all of us deal with the changes that God has brought.  New Year’s will be in AZ but low-key as of right now.

But Christmas will be a great reminder of Who came to save us.

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