The most random things you find at Dollar Tree..


So M went to get his haircut yesterday and while waiting, I went to the nearby Dollar Tree.

I will say that I end up buying things when I’m there. I love Dollar Tree .

Anyway, I found krackel by Hershey’s there.  I have never heard of krackel and when M found out, he explained the diferences from other candy bars.

I think it’s just a random candy , the same way Mr. Goodbar is a random candy.  Both are no longer displayed in the checkout line or does it vary where you live?

Now I’m curious on that…

No in-depth post from me this week since we just completed our final move and are still trying to adjust.  Mainly in the realms of unpacking, moving furniture, etc.

Have a great Wednesday though even with the chaos. 🙂

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Dust storm, dust storm…where did you come from?

Yep, we have a dust storm going the middle of the fall season.

Weird, huh?
What is weird is that I am sitting in a house with no real furniture. Good-bye household goods, see you in a few months (maybe?). Hello, several hours of driving to another desert area..again. 🙂

I can’t wait to be in an area with real public transportation!! Yep, I am that weird of a person.
Anyway, the move is going fairly well. Leaving within the next week or so.

I have openings for guest bloggers if you are interested.  Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me directly.

I’m available as a guest blogger as well. 🙂

Now to resume enjoying a Saturday of football and no longer moving a big TV by yourself. Yep, I’m cool like that. 😉

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Election, election..and looking for guest bloggers :-)

I’m thankful the campaigning is over! I am not a big fan of politics but hope, we as a nation, get a president that is placed there to be a good leader.

I have spent the last six hours packing & am thankful that some boxes were never unpacked. Hehe, just put it in the POD for storage. Not much is going with me.  Two big pieces of luggage and one duffel bag full of clothes and one medium box is all I’m taking with me. Yay!!

I only have put two boxes (one extra big and medium sized) in storage which works for me. 😉 Those are the boxes that are solely my belongings.

My last day for PWOC is tomorrow which makes me sad. 🙁 I’ll miss these amazing sisters that I have meet here and hopefully, I can get involved with PWOC later on.

Now I will go back to spending my evening coloring a Scooby-Doo coloring book. My extension request for some work is already enroute via e-mail which is a great resource.

I am looking for guest bloggers for the coming week. If interested, send me a message via the contact form. 🙂


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