Crazy days ahead..

since I start my associates degree in accounting ,actually medical office tech, which works great with my pharmacy tech certification.

I still need to order my books and prepare my day planner for the workload but I know I’ll do fine. 🙂

More in-depth update tomorrow.

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Happy New Year indeed!!

I hope you have had a wonderful New Year’s.  We sure did.

We had great food courtesy of a “crazy” family friend and M’s cousin came down from NV to unexpectedly visit us here in AZ. 🙂

It was fun overall but it had its moments of sadness mixed in. Yet we were able to make M’s dad laugh more than he has done lately.

And I can say I love our cable company because of the New Year. Our bill isn’t due until the end of the month due to their off printing schedule, courtesy of the holidays.

We were able to gradually move things from TX to here.  We are selling other things that we no longer need since we are replacing them here at a later time.

I have made a resolution to read more books in the new year.  I have a list started already..and will resume reading once I am done registering for my classes tomorrow.

Hello school again. 🙂 It is not grad school but an associate’s degree for right now…in accounting!!

That will be interesting but since I have been doing the taxes for the last two years, I thought it would be a smart investment.  Everyone needs an accountant, come tax time, right?

Many wishes of great days for you all.

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Hello grad school!!

Next week I officially enroll in grad school 🙂
So excited about everything going on in my life right now. Finished my pharmacy tech program and will start my medical coding/billing certification soon as well. 🙂

Hope everyone has a safe weekend and please remember those that are still MIA/POW as today is National POW/MIA Remembrance Day.  NEVER FORGOTTEN.

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with everything going on right now,that God has the best in store. It’s starting to get more and more farther away with this whole process, no idea when it will start or when it will stop. Argh, not fun! 🙁

But I’ll just brush it aside and as M says, “keep truckin'”. That’s all you can do in life. It sucks that I haven’t heard from any jobs lately but I have a lot of stuff to occupy my time such as school, volunteer work, and trying to learn how to knit/crochet and applying for grad school. So no wasting time here doing nothing. 🙂

Waiting for life to balance out is a bit intimidating but oh well. Hope your Monday was as productive as mine! Applied to two grad schools, finished my last exam for the week, and read a book that IS NOT a textbook. 🙂 Woot! I have finally learned time management but it can get better..I wish our grocery budget would work with us though. 🙁

Also thinking of starting a small hobby/business to keep up my time so any suggestions/input from any of ya’ll would be great. 🙂

Sleep well and enjoy the stars (or sky or snow) wherever you are tonight….

also remember our Vietnam veterans such as Sarge Charlie in ya’lls thoughts tonight..

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