March on the Pentagon

Today there was the March on the Pentagon. To mark the sixth anniversary of the Iraq war. Here it was big because they were at the Pentagon, protesting in front of offices for defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp. There was another march in California as well, which was a bit rowdy compared to DC’s march. I know some families that did not appreciate people marking the sixth year anniversary in this way. They personally lost a loved one in Iraq and are proud of their service and sacrifice,regardless of the Commander in Chief or the flaws in the administration because their loved one volunteered for service without any second thought. This month, I also marked an anniversary . The one year mark that my other half has been overseas. It has been a hard year with him gone. Yet it has been a good year as well. I’m proud of him. He’s a wonderful man and so blessed to be loved by his family.

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Craziness 101

M is okay, he’s just been real busy and unfortunately last week he had a close call. I freaked out a bit cause so many thoughts were going through my head about the what ifs.. I’ve learned to deal with it graciously through the help of many of my friends, most who are military wives or fiancees or girlfriends. 🙂 We’ve currently come to a bad disagreement on when we should get married again, cause of most of my guests being from the Northeast and all. 🙁 *sigh* the joys of wedding planning. It’s awesome overall though!! I’m going to love being married to my sweetheart though 🙂

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Random Thoughts

I am an Army fiancée at the moment. Weird to say that , I’m also looking into enlisting in the ARNG. The other half is not so fond of the idea but it’s where my heart is. I’ve realized that it will be hard to leave this area now, I’m so fond of it and love the fact that I was here when the historical inauguration took place. 🙂 I can’t wait to go back home when the other half comes back though. 🙂


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This week

This week so far has been hectic. It’s had it’s scary moments as well unfortunately. M called me and told me he was okay though, thank God. I scared him yesterday cause I told him what happened on the way back home; he asked me if I was alright. I was a bit shaken by the whole incident but thanking God that we were all okay.

It was a close call for me and the women I was with though; we didn’t see the driver and the car we were following with our friends in it almost flipped. We almost crashed because the driver decided to swerve into our lane as well. I called my mother and M’s mother to tell them I was okay.

M’s mother read my status on FB because I had put on there about being thankful for all of us being okay. I got her a bit worried and my mother kept asking me if I was okay. I slept okay, went to sleep close to 1 am though.

Overslept and didn’t go to church this morning 🙁 Oh well, there is still a service available later today. I have a lot to do such as thinking of packing. The move back home will be interesting, to say the least. At least there won’t be any Northeastern winters there for me. I love the snow but it gets too hectic here.


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