Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

So thankful to have M here for Christmas even if he and I get mad at each other over pity things.  The joy of marriage has ups and downs, right? 🙂

Now we will enjoy watching White Christmas while I eat tamales that our neighbor gave me (um, us…I’ll share if M wants a piece). 😉 Then we will open presents and celebrate Christ’s birth.  So thankful for everything God has blessed us with this year…even when we struggled and lost hope. 🙂

Have a wonderful Christmas day & great weekend!!

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Thankful Even With Gray


One of the things I’ve been struggling with is being thankful even when I don’t feel like being thankful.  Especially if it is a financial reason to be annoyed or a bit upset about.

Yet I have to remember to be thankful because things could be a whole lot worse than they are at times.  M could have just said no to trying to get medically retired and just been medically separated.  If that had happened, we would have had to deal with a lot more hurdles than we have so far in regards to insurance, bills, and the intense financial stress that would have caused compared to the medical retirement which was stressful financially as well.  In saying that, we only had three weeks to move in between the PEB’s decision of medical retirement and M’s orders being cut for us to leave our last duty station.  Balancing trying to find a place to live, paying bills from our last duty station and our current location was very stressful for us as a couple and to our account especially with such short notice.

However the experience has helped us grow and since we are not in a winter wonderland (no snow here…), sometimes it is hard to grow accustom to what you are dealt with in regards to scenery.  Ironically, I miss real winter weather where you have to wear layers of clothing in order to stay warm.  M doesn’t and he is so happy about not dealing with snow anymore.

Overall, I am thankful for God’s provisions even when we have least expected it. It has come at His timing and for His purpose. 🙂

I can only complain so much but have to remember to “grow where we are planted”.

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My 2014 Christmas List of Thanks


So far 2014 has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for M and I but my list of thanks is a bit long.

  • First Fifth, we are thankful that even though the VA has been a pain to deal with, M and I have been able to survive financially solely on what he gets from the VA.
  • Second, we are thankful for my job that gives us some wiggle room for the crazy surprises life throws at us.
  • Third, we are thankful for the opportunities and blessings God is giving us for the future.
  • Fourth, thankful to be in a warmer climate compared to two years ago.
  • Fifth First, thankful for God’s grace and his Son’s redeeming love.
  • Sixth, thankful for the friendships that have endured the transition from active duty life to retiree/civilian life.

Overall, thankful for those who have stayed around as readers even if life has been hectic and I haven’t posted much.  Very grateful for ya’ll. 🙂

Feel free to share what ya’ll are thankful for this Christmas, I would love to read it.

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Happy Thanksgiving

This year we are fortunate that M has been able to celebrate with us for a third year in a row.

We hope your Thanksgiving is a safe and calm one even if you have to work.  Our prayers are with our first responders and military personnel serving around the globe.

We are thankful for the doors God is opening for us, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted most of the month.  I hope to share if I am able to in the future.  Overall, we are thankful for God’s redeeming love.

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