Be faithful in small things…

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

It is hard to be faithful in some small things, especially when waiting.
Yet we can always distract ourselves with things that can grab our attention at the moment such as..
some great games that I found by accident for my phone. 🙂
M and I had an evening of no TV, no distractions but just enjoying each other’s company along with playing a game that we both enjoy.  So it was our spur of the moment game night. 🙂
Which is where I found What’s the Word: 4 pics 1 word*.
I had seen friends play this on Facebook but never understood the “hype” until we started playing it.  It is so hard to figure out a word at times but it was a good game to play with M.  He was not so competitive (as he usually is) but he was stumped at times with the words as well.
We also discovered Category Quiz (Trivia) **, which is a bit like Jeopardy but different.
It was a very fun, you learn something new game to play.  Of course, both games were played on a phone but it was still enjoyable to not have any distractions and enjoy time together. 🙂
What fun “game night” games have you found?
Do share in the comments. 🙂
*Available for both Iphone and Android
**Is only available for Android and Windows Phone
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4 Apps to Help You Grow in Your Faith


If you enjoy using applications that help you grow in your faith, these are 4 applications that I enjoy using to help me stay grounded in my faith but also share with others.

FamilyLife FamilyLife (Free)*

Download: Iphone | Android

I enjoy using this application as you can listen to the audio podcasts from previous shows while also being able to see their Art of Marriage series (Android app only).  The Iphone app is only devoted to the audio segments while the Android app details more resources for families, women, and growing in your faith.

God Tools

God Tools (Free)*

Download: Iphone  | Android

God Tools is a wonderful tool to share the Gospel.  It incorporates the four booklets from Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) as follows:

  1. Would You Like to Know God Personally? (target audience: general/college student)
  2. Connecting With God (target audience: high schoolers/teenagers)
  3. The Four Spiritual Laws (target audience: general)
  4. Satisfied? (target audience: general)

    The first three booklets offer a simple and straightforward gospel message, while “Satisfied?” helps Christians understand what it means to truly walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    It is a great resource to have available when disciplining a new believer as there are wonderful articles within the app as well.

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Media (Free)*

Download: Iphone | Android

As someone who has personally used this app to share the gospel with family members in their native language, it is amazing! From Jesus Film Media:

Through the robust search feature users have the ability to find our resources by country, language name, theme, and title of the film. You will have access to films in over 1,100 languages!

Featuring the films JESUS, Magdalena, The Story of Jesus for Children in full length and segments; the series Following Jesus and Walking with Jesus and catalog of short films like My Last Day.

Jesus Film Project has also partnered with Youversion, to incorporate the film media to the Bible app! 🙂

In Touch

In Touch (Free)

Download: Iphone | Android

In Touch is a great app that offers a daily devotional that helps you incorporate God’s Word into your day along with quiet time to pray.  The devotional is a part of In Touch magazine, which is a free subscription from the ministry.

Bonus Apps:

Daily Readings

Daily Readings (Lite) (Free)

Download: Iphone |Android

Offers the daily readings of the Bible according to the lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church


Scottsdale Bible Church Scottsdale Bible Church (Free)

Download: Iphone | Android

Offers the past sermons of the church along with daily devotions from Compelled by Grace.



The United Methodist Church (Free)

Download: Iphone | Android

This app offers information on the United Methodist Church (UMC) along with daily devotions and resources.

*FamilyLife, God Tools, Jesus Film Media are all a ministry or tool from CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in order to fulfill the Great Commission.



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