(Recap) Formal PEB process

Ft. Lewis FormalPEB


As I had started a small series of posts within the past few months,  I wanted to finish my recap on the final part of M’s MEB process.

M had to appeal his initial rating from the Army and to do so, he had to appear in person for a formal PEB (Physical Evaluation Board) at the location assigned to our duty station.  Since we were in the West Region, his formal PEB was held at Ft. Lewis which reviews all MEB/PEB proceedings for the area (including AK & HI).

He was advised to bring a witness for the board to understand how his physical issues affected him on a (almost) daily basis.

His unit granted him TDY and paid for his ticket but we paid for my ticket to fly out separately (due to scheduling conflicts with his flight).  We were not reimbursed for my ticket (which is the norm..and we are okay with it as well) and we had to stay at on post lodging which was different.  We had never stayed in Army lodging before (ironically..) but plenty of times at Air Force lodging.

We arrived a bit early the first day so when M called to inform the PEB office at Ft. Lewis, they let him know that they wouldn’t be able to meet until the next day so we had the first day free to sight see if we choose to.

Seattle was different and chaotic..but so beautiful.  We loved seeing the ocean so clearly and the lodging was reasonable, plus the staff was so sweet.

The second day we were there, we meet with the lawyer who would go over the case with M (which most of which I can’t go into..) and sorta give us an idea of what to expect from the board.  Once that was over, we had nothing else to do for the first of the day.  No doctor appointments there or major things that would take up our time..

We went to a state park and just enjoyed the view and later on after dinner, we just walked around post.

The next morning was a bit cloudy when we went to meet with the board.  The lawyer went in first and said his opening statement and then he was given some news from the board who had been looking over M’s file beforehand..

The lawyer came out and told us that M was being medically retired after all..mainly due to an administrative error. 🙂 M went in and I followed while he introduced himself to the board..the board asked both of us to sit down and went into detail on how they came upon their decision.  They wished us good luck and said thank you to both of us (M for his service, I for dealing with the Army’s ups and downs..).

We were dismissed and just went over menial paperwork with the lawyer after.  M was given the option to extend his contract in order to give us a time frame that would be ideal which he refused (and I wish he had said yes to…).

We found Yogurtini afterwards and enjoyed a celebratory ice cream there (thanks to the recommendation from a lodge staff member). 🙂

Overall, we were SO THANKFUL that the over two year process was finally coming to a close.  M fought for what he thought and knew he had earned from the Army and the VA and it has helped us a lot since then.

Any questions about the MEB/PEB process, leave a comment below and I will try to answer it as best as I can or find a resource that will help. 

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Valentine’s Day Re-mix


I am sorry for the very late post, I’m just getting over an awful cold. 🙁

However, I’ve been thinking about something that M commented on this past week and that is…sometimes a person appreciates words more than actions.  Since today is Valentine’s Day or as I said it this morning while half asleep, Valentime’s Day 😛 , I thought it would be great to talk about something I read recently in a book I’m re-reading.

What if love lead from within in our lives?  If it was based on solid words and actions, instead of hasty words and actions?

Many of us are fortunate to be with the ones we love the most today but for some, they are half a world away or even a few miles away.  I know how hard that separation is and how the stress or annoyance of things can get us to say things we regret or do things we wish we could take back.

I love how Emily writes that love can be shown from within in order to help us show others how to let love lead in all things.  Maybe by showing love in cute actions such as cupcakes or by saying how much you appreciate them/love them.  It may help in order to stay connected even if half a world apart.

I hope you let love lead in your words and actions today; that it may work in your spirit as you let God show you His amazing love in your life.  That you may be wise in your words and actions to those around you as well.

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In His Time and Place..


Lately, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things during this transition.

I’ve been thinking about where my path has gone in the past four years…

I went from a college student pursuing an Army commission while in the process of enlisting in the National Guard to a now “seasoned” veteran’s wife. That is a huge jump right there!! 🙂

When M and I meet, we came to a mutual decision that our marriage wouldn’t work so well if I was commissioned in the same field as him…the field is non-important to this conversation. 😉

God put me in a time and place to be an encourager even though sometimes I didn’t feel like being an encourager…He sure showed M how wonderful it was to be an encourager though.

He also showed me that sometimes our plans are not His plans. After trying to enlist in the Air Force, He closed that door permanently but He has stirred in my heart to pursue the field that I had originally wanted to enter…

It will be a hard transition but it may take a few years to go into it. Grad school doesn’t pay for itself after all…I wish it did though! 😉

I guess God just wanted me to remember that In His time and place, he will make sure we know what He has in store for us. 🙂

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End of a chapter…

Today is a day of lasts for M and I…

  • Last day on active duty for M
  • Last paycheck from DFAS
  • Last day with the brown ID card (for me)
  • Last day in uniform (even though that was two months ago..)
  • Last day of two deployments, three PCS moves (terminal leave counted as a PCS)
  • Last day of three different and unique units
  • No more PT runs at the canyon with L
  • Last day of being known as an active duty family

It is also a day of firsts for us…

  • First paycheck from the VA for M’s medical retirement
  • Hopefully, nice picture (again) for our new blue ID cards
  • First immersion into AF culture (since it is our closest base)
  • First day as a military retiree family
  • First of being retired and still being in the 20s age group for M
  • First day without wearing a uniform
  • No more deployments or PCSing
  • No more staff duty, CQ or hurried breakfasts after PT
  • Being able to workout with M in the early mornings…together
  • Being in a permanent location for at least a year (or so..)
  • Being “civilians” even though M has said he can’t really see himself as a civilian with his past military service and all
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