Happy Spring!! (Hopefully with the sun out)

It has been a few months since I posted. Life has been chaotic and at a few times, very very stressful.  M and I are going through many life changes & it is hard to balance a few things out.  He started his new job while going to school full time so that was a big adjustment for both of us.  I have been getting more hours at work so I have had limited time to even read a book for leisure versus studying from it.

Our weather here has been interesting.  It rained yesterday until mid-afternoon then the sun came out.  Yet it is suppose to rain again today which will not be very fun. 

I have a few posts to catch up on , mainly belated Valentine’s Day recaps and trips we have taken to celebrate some great milestones with friends.

Hoping to get a better time management system in place in order to blog while not letting work projects slide either.

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Joyous New Year indeed!!


I hope this new year has been amazing for you all.  I know it has been wonderful for my husband and I.

We have so many great things happening in 2015 already and may share some later on during the year if possible. 🙂

One big change for 2015 is that M was able to start his dream job!! After two discouraging jobs, he sort of gave up and started going to school full time so he didn’t think much about applying for his dream job again..until I nudged him to re-consider it. 😛

Overall, we learned that it wasn’t our timing but God’s timing in everything and it works out perfectly for us now. 🙂

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My sorta sanctuary…maybe?


As I sit here listening to traffic outside our bedroom window, I just think about what Aprille has been talking about in regards to creating whitespace.

To the annoyance of M, I have created a sorta “sanctuary” for myself for the past few months since we have transitioned to post-Army life. Due to alot of personal issues, I have tried to minimize my time on social media (and failed), watching shows on Netflix thanks to the Roku player(unless I don’t feel good…which has been mostly this past weekend/week thanks to new meds), and even reading in general (and failed..I love to read).

However, I am trying so hard to pull away from focusing on other things while trying to stay tuned to what M says or doesn’t say at times.

Since my word for 2014 is focus, I am trying so hard to focus on God’s Word, my marriage, this still chaotic household, the abundance of pets running around the house…who love to try to trip us on the stairs!!

I know Aprille has made a great decision for her family and it has given me a lot of thought for the new year.

I know our family (M & I with our dog L) need our own sorta “whitespace” so we can stay focused on what is important. Although I don’t know what a dog stays focused on besides squirrels and lizards. 😀

I will be blogging once or twice a week, will be on social media but not as much as before…I will (God willing) start working soon so I won’t have much time being online; I will be starting grad school soon as well. I will definitely be using the schedule button though!!

As much as I love my “sanctuary” secluded from everyone (+ pets), I think my focus should be on helping myself but still being a part of everything going on with M and other issues. Maybe my “whitespace” can be while I walk around the neighborhood or something…I’ll have to work out the details but I guess I should stop creating a “sanctuary” in a room that has a great sunrise view… 😉

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End of a chapter…

Today is a day of lasts for M and I…

  • Last day on active duty for M
  • Last paycheck from DFAS
  • Last day with the brown ID card (for me)
  • Last day in uniform (even though that was two months ago..)
  • Last day of two deployments, three PCS moves (terminal leave counted as a PCS)
  • Last day of three different and unique units
  • No more PT runs at the canyon with L
  • Last day of being known as an active duty family

It is also a day of firsts for us…

  • First paycheck from the VA for M’s medical retirement
  • Hopefully, nice picture (again) for our new blue ID cards
  • First immersion into AF culture (since it is our closest base)
  • First day as a military retiree family
  • First of being retired and still being in the 20s age group for M
  • First day without wearing a uniform
  • No more deployments or PCSing
  • No more staff duty, CQ or hurried breakfasts after PT
  • Being able to workout with M in the early mornings…together
  • Being in a permanent location for at least a year (or so..)
  • Being “civilians” even though M has said he can’t really see himself as a civilian with his past military service and all
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