You know it’s Christmas ..

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when you are eating tamales for lunch! 🙂

I will only be able to spend one day with my family but we will be eating the traditional Mexican feast of tamales, posole and some other stuff I don’t know right now. 🙂 I may try champurrado but I don’t think I’ll like it.

Anyway, I hope ya’ll have a great week leading to Christmas!

But I am happy I bought all my Christmas gifts early. 🙂 They are wrapped and ready to be given out to friends and family.


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WoF Christmas Blog Carnival Day 4


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The topic for today for Day 4 is “What is one gift you would like to receive this year that is non-tangible?  Maybe you would have a gift in your heart that you would like somebody else to receive that is non-tangible. What would that be?”
The gift that I would like somebody else to receive that is non-tangible
is for my father in law to come to Christ. I think knowing Christ is
important in this world of ours since there is no one else to turn to
that can make your life complete.
That is my prayer for this year, even if it may not seem important to
For more great blogs to follow, please visit Wives of Faith: Day 4.  
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Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival Day 3

The topic for today for Wives of Faith
Christmas Blog Carnival is “your favorite Christmas story”.
I don’t have just one favorite story; I have several favorite stories. The stories are written by Max Lucado in the book Christmas
. Each story shows God’s love for this world and the
purpose of Christ coming to this earth.
I bought the book several years ago and fell in love with the stories because they are beautifully written. The stories reflect beautiful images that make me love my Savior even more, especially when it helps me understand life more.
For more blogs to read, please visit Wives of Faith: Day 3.
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You Might Be a Military Spouse at Christmas If

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You Might Be a Military Spouse at Christmas If…(List Edition)
1. Your winter clothes are still not unpacked from your PCS three months ago.
2. You husband’s gear is sitting on top of said “winter clothes”
3. It has been 25 degrees lately and you’ve had to borrow your husband’s long sleeve shirts to wear as a layer..
4. You realize the shirt you are wearing has a pocket on the shoulder because your husband wore it with his uniform while downrange which you didn’t know beforehand.
5. You have Christmas ornaments but you have no idea what box they are in…or where the boxes are.
6. You only get 4 days to drive 6 hours for Christmas & back.
7. You have no tree yet and are waiting for the weekend to get one..but it will be a fake tree.
9. Still looking for addresses to send Christmas cards to and double checking for updated addresses since many friends PCSed after you.
10. Trying to figure out where to go for New Years..or not go depends on the work schedule for your husband.
11. Your husband is only one of three people working in the office during the holidays so it’s not a cool schedule to have with family.
12. You are still excited about this year’s Army vs. Navy game (results unknown at this posting).
13. Still looking for a job AND an internship for the semester to come..
14. Wishing you were home with your family for Christmas..
15. You are thankful that your husband is home regardless of his crazy work schedule.
16. Praying for many friends whose husbands are still deployed this year.It’s a long list.. but there may be more at Wives of Faith!
Have a great weekend.

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