Blog Carnival Day 2

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my amazing husband and my extended family. Plus tamales and Breakaway’s Live CD!!

I say that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my amazing husband because he has been able to come home for R&R (now being the 2nd time) for Christmas. It’s a blessing to be able to spend that special day with him in remembering our Savior. And I say with extended family because Skype is amazing during the holidays as well as Windows Live Messenger. Tamales are a tradition in my family to eat during the holidays and I get to listen to Breakaway Ministry‘s new CD. There is no greater thing in remembering the birth of our Savior without family, good food, and good worship all in one area.

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It’s all about the (real,artificial ) tree

My family has never had a real live Christmas tree. We did have a small fake Christmas tree which we still have and it was a real nice one too. My grandparents on my mother’s side on the other hand do have a very nice big tree every year. 🙂 It’s a pretty one too.
My husband decided that we wouldn’t get a tree this year since we will be on Christmas leave and he didn’t think it was necessary either.
I like small, artificial Christmas tress though. 🙂
I don’t have any pictures of the small tree though. 🙁 But I like seeing it light up. It has a warm glow to the room that it’s in. 🙂

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You might be a military spouse at Christmas time…

(This is for the blog carnival that Wives of Faith is having until December 24, for more info please see here)

You might be a military spouse at Christmas time when..

1) your husband tends to get lost in your hometown because he has not  been there for a long time
2) your husband has CQ two days before you leave for the holidays
3) you have to give your mom an estimate as to when you are going to actually be in town because you don’t know what the Army will bring up
4)you are splitting your Christmas time in two states because your husband is not from your home state
5) you have to hear artillery fire for two straight weekends while doing chores and you don’t live any where near post.
6)your husband put in paperwork to ask for “vacation” two months ago instead of just taking time off like normal people
7) you call that “vacation” = leave ; specifically Christmas leave.
8) your husband chooses a certain day because he doesn’t want to have to be “volun-told” to go to the unit ball and just wants his well deserved leave time.
9) your husband is home this year for a change instead of being on R&R from a deployment
10) your husband is not happy that it’s getting cold..he got super used to the heat in the “sandbox”
11) you have to explain to people why you are super happy that your husband is home
12) your BAH went up $7 and you are excited because it’s usually posted for the next year before Christmas on-line.
13) You have to explain what exactly BAH is to family/friends.
14) you start praying that the Army doesn’t decide to do something crazy and your husband has to change all the plans ya’ll have made for Christmas leave.
15) you are happy that you don’t have to deal with a disconnecting phone line this year.
16) your husband decides that he doesn’t want a Christmas tree because of leave.
17) you are heading to the post where your husband did his AIT so he can see some of his old buddies during Christmas leave.
18) you freak out because your flight is under military fare & you don’t know if you can print out the tickets.
19) hope your flight doesn’t get delayed.
20) you have to go through security alone at the airport while your husband has to get his personal weapon checked at the ticket counter because he wants to go to the shooting range during leave.
21) you never understand why your husband is like that.
22) you make a list of “You might be a military spouse at Christmas time..” to share with all your military spouse friends 🙂

Hope ya’ll have a great day!


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