{Faith} Blending faith from within

Note: I know as a Body of Christ, many have varying opinions on what is ideal for a believer and see the Catholic/Eastern Orthodox Church as not a part of that body due to varying differences. With that in mind, please be respectful as this is a view from within our family in regards to where God is leading us; not a man-lead decision. As believers, we are called to be catholic (καθολικός (katholikos), meaning “universal”; from the Greek); in unity.   M and I as believers hold true to the Nicene Creed in that we believe in One Father, His Son our Savior and His Holy Spirit.  


One of the things I rarely talk about is our blended faith of a family.

Yes, blended faith of a family. Even though M and I are both believers in Christ, our traditions are nothing similar.  M become a believer in adulthood while I grew up in the church.  It was a very eye-opening experience.

Our first year of marriage was very complex. M had never attended a non-denominational church before and I had never attended an Eastern Orthodox Church.

Side note: M grew up attending an Eastern Orthodox Church since his grandmother and mother were a part of the church. His father grew up United Methodist and M would attend there on occasion as well.

On our last move, in the process of finding a church home, we tried attending a United Methodist Church and both enjoyed the beauty of the service but didn’t feel it was a place we could call “our church”.  No particular reason really, it just wasn’t where God was leading us.

Close to the end of our time there, M decided to attend an Eastern Orthodox church in the area that was very different from the church he grew up attending in his hometown. I had previously gone to Christmas services at the church in his hometown but didn’t really grasp it as it was in a totally different language the whole service! Having a translator wasn’t so great when he couldn’t understand half of it either… 😉

We both feel that it was where God was leading us…the Divine Liturgy was in English with portions in another language but understandable. 🙂 M felt at “home” and honestly, so did I. That is something that I was in conflict with for several months but I have come to peace with where God is leading our marriage and family.  M and I were in the process of asking more about the holy mysteries  before we left our last duty station.

Unfortunately, we can’t attend an Eastern Orthodox church in our new home area as M works on Sundays. 🙁 Divine Liturgy is in the process of starting when he has to be at work so we call a non-denominational church home for now.  By attending the early service, we are still honoring God by listening to His Word and growing as believers.

We don’t switch back and forth in what church we attend; we just can’t attend the church that we have set as “home” for our family due to schedule conflicts.

We love the church we attend now but we know it is for a season…and our neighbors were so gracious to invite us when we found out we were heading to this area, since they are family friends. 🙂

I guess God has put us in this church for a season until we can return to our “home”….just being in a community of believers is what is important.  So yes, we will continue to call ourselves Christians because that is what ultimately defines us as a family and as a couple.

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Festivals galore :-)

Church ceiling



M and I enjoyed a wonderful festival about two weekends ago that showcased a beautiful church in our area.


The food was amazing as well.  Hearing Arabic, Russian and Greek mixed in one area was unique to say the least.

For M, it was a sort of sweet homecoming.  He grew up with Eastern European culture around him.

For myself, it was a lot to take in but I couldn’t turn down some amazing gyros and Turkish coffee.

The coffee was a bit strong for me but it was amazing in taste though. 🙂

As stated before, I would have no problem attending a Divine Liturgy one of these days.  From the looks of it, we’ll probably be attending one of these upcoming Sundays.

The architecture was unique and it was just beautiful.

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I’m accident prone :(

I have had an interesting evening so far..I cut myself with the vegetable/fruit peeler :(It was not fun at all. But the husband and his friend Z made delicious hamburgers and fries! I appreciate them doing that after I couldn’t peel any more potatoes. Yep, next time I’ll pay more attention to what I’m doing.

I guess I’ll be learning to type without my left index finger for a while..so far I’ve had to re-type this blog about 10 times already cause I keep messing up.

On a brighter note, I was able to see my uncle, aunt and cousins which was great! 🙂 So much funny stories exchanged and Mexican candy eaten! 🙂 There is still some left but I will be getting more when they come to visit again..which won’t be any time soon. 🙁

School has been okay, almost done for the first week.. Trying to be cheerful about my last semester as an undergrad and it’s kinda hard to do..

On great news, our church finally has a LifeGroup on our side of town which we will be attending this upcoming week..so exciting! 🙂  And..our church is taking part of Focus on the Family’s Date Night Challenge so that is something to view if you or your church is interested. I’ve never heard of this before so I am just reading and getting more information. 🙂

And PWOC is great so far. Beth Moore’s Bible Study on the book of James is very interesting. 🙂

Waiting to see the end of the game between the Giants and the 49ers…

Hope ya’ll have a great upcoming week!

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