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This is taken from a google search about Ellie Kay, which in my opinion, is a very good financial expert. 🙂

Fort Worth Author Shows Ways To Save $30K A Year

Feb 19, 2009 10:00 pm US/Central

Tracy Kornet DALLAS (CBS 11 News)

How would you like to save $30,000 on your expenses this year? A Fort Worth native claims to have some money saving strategies to can help you do it.

Living Rich for Less, it sounds tempting but the author of the book, Ellie Kay, didn’t get there overnight. She started $40,000 in debt. “We made a decision that every single dollar that came in that we would put it towards our consumer debt. Within two and a half years, we were completely debt free. We paid off our $40,000 and we’ve remained debt free ever since.”

In her book, Kay offers simple money saving tips.

First, look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. “You need to just take 10-15 minutes to call your homeowners insurance broker and say “Is this the best you can do?”,” Kay suggested.

The author claims consumers can $300-$800 a year by covering just the home’s replacement value and contents – not the dirt it sits on.

Fort Worth resident Lisa Brown called her agent. “I actually, today, have submitted some stuff to a State Farm agent to get new quotes.”

Next, look at your grocery shopping. Mary Duke of Fort Worth said, “I’ve been consolidating shopping trips…making every trip count.”

According to Kay there are also savings to be had on websites like CouponMom.com. The site features coupons, double coupons and rebates on items that are already featured on sale. “When you start to combine all these savings factors you’re gonna find that you’re getting item after item for pennies and in some cases even free,” said Kay.

What about entertainment expenses? Kay says you can still enjoy dinner out. Websites like Restaurant.com are practically giving away free meals. “About every other month, they’re running super specials, and just last week I bought a $25 gift certificate for only $2,” Kay explained.

And when it comes to travel, Kay recommends logging onto TravelZoo.com. The website researches, evaluates, and recommends the best travel deals on the market.

Kay said using her suggestions can help families build their futures. “Yes, 2009 we’re in a recession, but it’s really your time to save a significant amount of money, to help pay down that debt.”

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