To my darling husband :)

I love you & am wishing you a happy birthday! But I know this birthday is most memorable because this is the first one in three years that you have not been overseas. You actually get a full birthday cake without it being in jars but cake in jars is always good as well. 🙂

I thank God that you are my love and shelter. 🙂 May He continue to bless you & us in this crazy life. Good luck this week babe! 🙂


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Thank you

Thank you to my military family for the prayers and support. My prayers and support are with you as well.

Many of ya’ll didn’t know us or know anyone on post but ya’ll gave us your shoulders to lean on and your hearts to comfort us. That is why I’m proud, even though we may not be directly involved, we are still there for each other.
The same for my military family.
Thank you for the texts and FB messages on my wall/direct messages to see if we were okay. We are fine. Just in disbelief. Praying for our fellow family members in this tragic time.

Thank you all.
Have a very beautiful weekend.

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Posting on behalf of a friend..please pray

Good Evening fellow bloggers and followers.

I have an Emergency Prayer request.

I received a text from Jacob at 1203 hours this afternoon. He knows I get out of church around 1200 hours. When I saw the time I knew it was important. I called immediately. As best as has been determined at this point one of his fellow soldiers that he has kept in contact with since Basic Training and AIT was seriously injured yesterday. It seems he was involved in a secondary IED attack while going out on a rapid response to a primary IED attack. He received numerous shrapnel wounds on the left side of his body and face. He was talking and we are hoping no brain damage occurred. It appears the IED was packed with ball bearings which cause severe damage when traveling at explosive speeds.

Please put in your prayers and pass it on to your friends the complete and full recovery of Specialist Monte “Ike” Lesh.

Thank you so very, very much and Jacob thanks you also.


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Thanks for praying!

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Today is..



It is also my church’s 50th anniversary today! Praise God!

My mother attended our church before she was married so she saw how it was before today

So many changes have occurred but in everything, God is still the same. He is the Father of hope, love and restoration. Nothing will change that. 🙂 Christ has given so many people new hope and new life.

I might post some videos later. The service was awesome, both of them. 🙂

Have a blessed Mother’s Day!

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