Five Minute Friday


The word for today is care.


Care is loving the flaws, even if it is annoying after awhile.

Care is being able to get a hug at random moments and know that things will be okay

And being able to get candy after being sick is a plus too. 🙂

Care is showing emotions to brighten your day or theirs without any prompting.

Going to great lengths to make sure their world will not be a struggle in the later years.

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Love & Grace Sunday


I usually don’t post on Sundays but since it is 31 days , I thought I would share a bit of God’s grace & love.

This morning M and I went to church and meet some amazing missionaries. Due to some sensitive areas some are in, I won’t share their specific countries. I will say that their testimony of what God is doing is wonderful to hear.

Even though M has been out of the Army for almost a year now, we have relied on God for all provisions. During small group this week, we talked about how God showed Himself during our “deserts” in life.

Our “desert” was waiting on the Army & VA, it showed us alot of patience and faith in God. Knowing what we do now in regards to our finances, we know that God will use whatever we give to missions for His kindgom. With that heart, we are so thankful for His blessings in our lives so far.

How has God showed Himself in your desert?

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Five Minute Friday

wpid-PicsArt_1383919054381.jpg Today’s word prompt is NEW

I’ve been learning lately that God’s blessings are not new but His beauty is new every morning.

The sunrises have been amazing lately.

Makes the new cup of coffee every morning worth it…even if it means waking up very early to catch the sunrise from beginning to end




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