MEB Process Part Two

To read the first part of this series of posts, you can visit this post.

For our process, we are almost near the end.  It has not been the easiest process to go through and with everything in “limbo”, it has been pretty frustrating.

M has a lot of different issues that arose from his deployments that are a part of the VA and Army ratings.  So we are still in the process of receiving our ratings back from the NARSUM results given to the VA.  We are also waiting on the ratings from the PEB (Physical Evaluation Board), which they determine by using the VASRD (Veterans Schedule for Rating Disabilities).

After M’s MEB was completed, his results were forwarded to the VA and the PEB.  Depending on the PEB results for medical retirement, M can formally attend a hearing to show evidence that he is qualified for medical retirement.  That is the question we are waiting on now, which is why everything is in “limbo” for him professionally in the military.


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