National Police Week wrap-up

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As National Police Week wraps up, I want to say thank you to those who have protected us day in and day out.

Having come across several police officers during my high school years, I have seen how crazy the schedules are for their families.  I was fortunate to be taught by a former female police officer who was still married to an active police officer; their marriage was not easy from what we all saw.

I also came across a female substitute teacher that used to be a police officer in New York City with NYPD.  If you have ever been to NYC, it is huge and NYPD covers all that area plus the boroughs.

Insane hours and no real thanks.

Here is my thanks:

Thank you for having the best officers I have ever meet, as several of my friends from high school are now great police officers in their every day lives.  Thank you for the protection and dedication.

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