Valentine’s Day Re-mix


I am sorry for the very late post, I’m just getting over an awful cold. 🙁

However, I’ve been thinking about something that M commented on this past week and that is…sometimes a person appreciates words more than actions.  Since today is Valentine’s Day or as I said it this morning while half asleep, Valentime’s Day 😛 , I thought it would be great to talk about something I read recently in a book I’m re-reading.

What if love lead from within in our lives?  If it was based on solid words and actions, instead of hasty words and actions?

Many of us are fortunate to be with the ones we love the most today but for some, they are half a world away or even a few miles away.  I know how hard that separation is and how the stress or annoyance of things can get us to say things we regret or do things we wish we could take back.

I love how Emily writes that love can be shown from within in order to help us show others how to let love lead in all things.  Maybe by showing love in cute actions such as cupcakes or by saying how much you appreciate them/love them.  It may help in order to stay connected even if half a world apart.

I hope you let love lead in your words and actions today; that it may work in your spirit as you let God show you His amazing love in your life.  That you may be wise in your words and actions to those around you as well.

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What it means to be loved.

Not that many people know but I have an amazing brother with special needs.  After reading about the Houston waiter serving the family with a child with down syndrome , I had to speak up.

As a sister, it is hard to imagine the life my brother has lived but I’ve been able to see the blessings that he has achieved in his so many years of life.

My brother has difficulty speaking his opinions or ideas across because of his special needs but he is able to rejoice in who His Creator is.  That is one of the most amazing things that have brought my parents joy over these years.  Especially when my brother had to have surgery at a young age and again, in the past few years to help him physically.   Those moments of heartache and worry were eased by my brother’s joy of loving the Lord and being a unique individual.

And unique my brother is, since he loves building things out of wood or having designs for things to build with his sisters for our parents.

Which is why I am a part of NASET and several other organizations that are involved in the special needs community.  I am still involved in the special needs community because it has had an impact on my life through my brother.

My brother knows what it means to be loved by those around him even with his differences and we know what it means to be loved by a blessing in disguise through him.

The Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes him mute or deaf, or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord?

Exodus 4:11 (NASB)

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