Juggling life and the unknown

As my work week almost comes to a close (hello three day weekend!) , I am just astounded at how much has changed over these past few weeks….

M went from full time work to a full time student. That was a big adjustment for both of us since his classes are at night. Helping him fill out the FAFSA was interesting as well. Who knew their new design could give you a headache?

I have been working since the summer and it has been interesting. I love my job and my co-workers are awesome. We (M & I) are hoping to get into a schedule of sorts in spending time together/date nights.

We have had to adjust our food choices since we found out I can’t eat dairy products (being lactose intolerant stinks). However, there are great substitutes out there but they are an adjustment to our grocery budget!

We are hoping this fall will bring peace in the chaos that is another school semester for M & I. Grad school is not a walk in the park for me, but I was expecting that. Trying to get my anxiety under control is a work in progress though…

I hope your fall is filled with grace and stress free days. 🙂

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(Recap) Formal PEB process

Ft. Lewis FormalPEB


As I had started a small series of posts within the past few months,  I wanted to finish my recap on the final part of M’s MEB process.

M had to appeal his initial rating from the Army and to do so, he had to appear in person for a formal PEB (Physical Evaluation Board) at the location assigned to our duty station.  Since we were in the West Region, his formal PEB was held at Ft. Lewis which reviews all MEB/PEB proceedings for the area (including AK & HI).

He was advised to bring a witness for the board to understand how his physical issues affected him on a (almost) daily basis.

His unit granted him TDY and paid for his ticket but we paid for my ticket to fly out separately (due to scheduling conflicts with his flight).  We were not reimbursed for my ticket (which is the norm..and we are okay with it as well) and we had to stay at on post lodging which was different.  We had never stayed in Army lodging before (ironically..) but plenty of times at Air Force lodging.

We arrived a bit early the first day so when M called to inform the PEB office at Ft. Lewis, they let him know that they wouldn’t be able to meet until the next day so we had the first day free to sight see if we choose to.

Seattle was different and chaotic..but so beautiful.  We loved seeing the ocean so clearly and the lodging was reasonable, plus the staff was so sweet.

The second day we were there, we meet with the lawyer who would go over the case with M (which most of which I can’t go into..) and sorta give us an idea of what to expect from the board.  Once that was over, we had nothing else to do for the first of the day.  No doctor appointments there or major things that would take up our time..

We went to a state park and just enjoyed the view and later on after dinner, we just walked around post.

The next morning was a bit cloudy when we went to meet with the board.  The lawyer went in first and said his opening statement and then he was given some news from the board who had been looking over M’s file beforehand..

The lawyer came out and told us that M was being medically retired after all..mainly due to an administrative error. 🙂 M went in and I followed while he introduced himself to the board..the board asked both of us to sit down and went into detail on how they came upon their decision.  They wished us good luck and said thank you to both of us (M for his service, I for dealing with the Army’s ups and downs..).

We were dismissed and just went over menial paperwork with the lawyer after.  M was given the option to extend his contract in order to give us a time frame that would be ideal which he refused (and I wish he had said yes to…).

We found Yogurtini afterwards and enjoyed a celebratory ice cream there (thanks to the recommendation from a lodge staff member). 🙂

Overall, we were SO THANKFUL that the over two year process was finally coming to a close.  M fought for what he thought and knew he had earned from the Army and the VA and it has helped us a lot since then.

Any questions about the MEB/PEB process, leave a comment below and I will try to answer it as best as I can or find a resource that will help. 

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Mother’s Day re-cap


Yesterday, I spent the morning after church baking.

*Recipes linked below*

We didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day for my mom was May 10 so I called her and sent her some flowers which she appreciated.  She absolutely loves flowers.

M’s mother passed away awhile ago so we didn’t do anything.  We really didn’t know what to do to begin with….his dad was having a hard time to begin with because he hurt his knee.  So we decided voted on some chicken for dinner (yes, that is how it works here at times).

Later on, his dad decided on pizza because he was still hurting..and it worked for me…

I will say that burns hurt alot.  I burned my arm getting the bagels out of the oven earlier.  It was not fun for the rest of the day. 🙁

M loved the fry bread…and it is pretty good with chocolate syrup over it.  Not the “right” way to eat it and it doesn’t look right to begin with but it is delicious!

Surprising, we still have leftovers of both breads. 

I ended up baking because we had to use up some milk we had in the refrigerator.  Which M is happy it is no longer taking up space in the refrigerator, and we have something made ahead of time to eat for breakfast. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

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[Update] And the beat goes on…


The beat of chaos keeps going on..

As many know, M transitioned out of the military a few months ago and landed a civilian job.  Let’s just say that said civilian job is not ideal in regards to the hours and pay.  So..*drum roll please*

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek other opportunities that may or may not involve us moving…

Not the most ideal situation(s) but we are going where God leads.  Plus wherever M’s heart is in regards to his former field…which as of right now, is all over the place. 🙂

I am still waiting…oh so patiently…for my applications to be reviewed.  The whole new HR system makes it so easy to see every..and I mean every..step of my application process (or no movement in this case..).  Although my former employer did contact me so that is a small victory as of right now. 🙂

M’s VA process ended a few months ago so it was one less stress for us.  It added the small cushion in regards to finances..even though it came at a price for M (physically/mentally).  However, M knew it was time to give up the gear and fought for his medical retirement instead getting screwed over in the system.

Overall, it’s just a weird transition for us; we miss the military life ever so slightly at times.  M just misses his former co-workers in his office and I miss my wonderful PWOC sisters plus our mutual friends.


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