Mother’s Day re-cap


Yesterday, I spent the morning after church baking.

*Recipes linked below*

We didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day for my mom was May 10 so I called her and sent her some flowers which she appreciated.  She absolutely loves flowers.

M’s mother passed away awhile ago so we didn’t do anything.  We really didn’t know what to do to begin with….his dad was having a hard time to begin with because he hurt his knee.  So we decided voted on some chicken for dinner (yes, that is how it works here at times).

Later on, his dad decided on pizza because he was still hurting..and it worked for me…

I will say that burns hurt alot.  I burned my arm getting the bagels out of the oven earlier.  It was not fun for the rest of the day. šŸ™

M loved the fry bread…and it is pretty good with chocolate syrup over it.  Not the “right” way to eat it and it doesn’t look right to begin with but it is delicious!

Surprising, we still have leftovers of both breads. 

I ended up baking because we had to use up some milk we had in the refrigerator.  Which M is happy it is no longer taking up space in the refrigerator, and we have something made ahead of time to eat for breakfast. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!

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