Remembering D-Day



Today is the 69th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy.

This morning M and I were looking over his grandfather’s pictures from World War II.  They weren’t many pictures to begin with but those are pictures M cherished because it gives him insight onto who his grandfather was.

What I discovered from a semi-conversation on another blogger’s Facebook page is that those before us (wars before OIF/OEF/ORD) never really discussed what they saw or endured.

M’s grandfather didn’t discuss the war much except to say that he had been in France and Germany.  Of course M never meet his grandfather as he passed away before he was born but he has pictures and memories given to him by his grandmother and mother.

Our generation (M’s and I) are given the option, are asked to talk about what they’ve endured/seen in order for them to heal.

I’ve had the privilege to be in the terminal when an Honor Flight was flown into BWI in order for those veterans to see the World War II Memorial in D.C.

I hope those few veterans remaining share what they can or wish with our generation.  It would give us an insight on the history making battle they endured in order to help many become free.  In a way, those after us will ask our generation to give their memories in order to show them what our generation has had to endure.

Thank you for serving and freeing those who were waiting for you to come.  Thank you for being the ‘Greatest Generation’.

M knows that both of his grandparents were part of that ‘Greatest Generation’, even though his other grandfather didn’t serve, he did keep our nation running in his profession.  Knowing that his grandparents were part of that generation and kept memories to show his generation is cherished by M and now, I.




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