Random thoughts on a Wednesday morning

M and I were talking about the “what ifs” last night in regards to this service called the Army.


What if


So many what ifs but we know God did things for a reason.  If M hadn’t been sent home early, he wouldn’t have been able to go to his grandpa’s funeral and get assigned this great unit that he’s in (“great” is my opinion, “disorganized at times” is his).

Yes, he had a chance to deploy to the one location he wanted to go to in the beginning of his second deployment but he didn’t take it.  It would have given us a bit of savings but it would have not let him go to his grandmother’s funeral.

Yep, two funerals he was able to go to because somehow God changed things for him.

He hasn’t been able to go TDY but I know he has meet great people from his job perspective.  He was even able to meet another Orthodox Christian which he was surprised about but so happy to meet another person who he could share his faith with.  The fellow he meet was surprised that M was Orthodox as well since he rarely meets any Orthodox Christians around this area (it’s a small community).

Surprising for me, I told M, I would be open to going to Divine Liturgy with him.  In the four years we’ve been married, our blended faith has been strange to deal with… but God is somehow calming my heart to be open to sharing the faith that M grew up with.  It is not a different faith in that we both know Jesus Christ as Savior but a different faith in custom, traditions, the unknown perspective for each other.

I think letting go of the what ifs is helping me realize that God has amazing things in store.

Random thought though..I miss deployments because I was able to send stuff to M and his co-workers that brightened their day regardless of whether it was chocolate or not.

Now, I send cupcakes and no one eats them because they have PT tests coming up. 🙁


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