The Beauty of the Painted Desert


I will honestly say that the Painted Desert was my favorite place to visit so far.

Once we left the Petrified Forest, we could enter the Painted Desert side of the national park area. It didn’t take that long and it wasn’t a big hassle.

We stopped at the gift shop and looked around for a few minutes. We also asked for a map while we were there. Maps are very important. 🙂

We were able to see an inn with its’ room staging intact from an earlier generation. A great reminder of what the past had and what differs now.

There were viewpoints in this part of the park as well so we took advantage of those. The pictures definitely do not do the views justice. Just an amazing image to take in.

M and I both enjoyed this area alot and it is on our “see again” list. 🙂

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The mysteries of Meteor Crater


Our next stop on our road trip was Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater is a unique place to visit. The NASA part of the gift shop was a plus to the trip as well.

The color of the crater was not what we expected and the size of the crater was an eye opener as well.

M climbed to the top of the observatory to get a good view of the crater but since I’m scared of heights, I stayed closer to the Astronaut Wall of Fame.

Admissions was a bit high but it was worth the price to see this crater.

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